About Nidapark Ataşehir

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The city concept of the future is carried to the present day by Nidapark Ataşehir. If you expect the place you live in to inspire you and give you positive energy, you will find what you are looking for in Nidapark Ataşehir. The Nidapark Ataşehir project, with its 233 residential units and 28 shops, offers you an exclusive lifestyle full of comfort and energy.

A wide range of apartment types from 1-bedroom to 4-bedroom units are offered on the third to seventh floors are offered. With its stylish yet practical architectural features designed to offer you a comfortable home life, Nidapark Ataşehir is the perfect example of how the city life of the future should be. The shopping area in the courtyard will not only help you run your daily errands and do your shopping, but also let you socialize and enjoy a cup of coffee with your friends.

In its loft-style apartments with high ceilings, galleries and private gardens, you will experience the true meaning of the word comfort. The skylight windows will let the sunlight feed your soul.

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