Nidapark Çankaya Project

Tahincioğlu Nidapark Çankaya project, which is adjacent to Çankaya Dikmen Valley, one of the prestigious districts of Ankara, draws attention as a special housing project designed to meet all the requirements of modern life. This project combines luxury and comfort to offer its residents a unique living experience. The hiking trails in Dikmen Valley, spread over an area of ​​700,000 square meters, offer an excellent option for those who want to spend time in touch with nature. In addition, the area, which includes social facilities, cafes and restaurants, supports the relaxation and socialization of the residents. In the project, which has 199 flats and 7 stores in total, 1+1 flats, 2+1 flats, 3+1 flats, 3,5+1 flats and 4,5+1 flats are offered. At the same time, the project also includes facilities such as pool, gym, sun terrace and children's playground where residents can relax.

Nidapark Ataşehir Project

If you expect the place you live to inspire you and give you positive energy, you will find what you are looking for in Nidapark Ataşehir. You will experience comfort and high standards together in the lively living spaces consisting of 112 residences and 16 stores in the Nidapark Ataşehir Safir phase and 66 residences and 6 stores in the Nidapark Ataşehir Topaz phase. 3-7 floors of residences; Between 1+1, 2+1, 3+1 and 4+1 flat types, you will have a happy life story written for you.Nidapark Ataşehir is the best example of the city life of the future with its stylish and useful architectural design, every detail of which has been thought to offer you a better life.In Ataşehir, you are at the heart of the modern city life of Istanbul.You are on Dudullu Street, next to Brandium AVM. You can reach the financial center in 5 minutes. You are right next to the İçerenköy metro stop, you are connected to Marmaray and 3 different metro lines.With your location between the D-100 (E5) and E-80 ring roads, you are connected to every point of the city. You are only 25 minutes away from Sabiha Gökçen Airport by metro line. You can reach Istanbul Airport in less than 1 hour by using the metro line.You are 10 minutes away from Marmara University and 5 minutes away from Yeditepe University. You have 5 minutes between you and Nezahat Gökyiğit Botanical Garden.

Nidapark Gündoğan Project

A view from the top of the unique Gundogan landscape. A unique, quality architecture brought by a settlement in harmony with nature. In accordance with this understanding, houses offering detached living comfort with private gardens and pools. At Nidapark Gündoğan, you will discover a side of Bodrum you have never seen before and you will experience the happiness of this discovery every day. Detached life in Nidapark Gündoğan is not limited to independent villas. Two separate units, which have no adjacent walls, whose gardens and pools do not see each other, and which are located above and below using the difference in elevation, offers you the pleasure of detached life in the same structure.

The advantageous location of Nidapark Gündoğan not only gives you the opportunity to enjoy your own peace, but also provides easy access to the surrounding areas. Gündoğan - 2,3 km, Yalıkavak Marina - 8 km, Türkbükü - 9 km, Midtown AVM - 15 km, Gümüşlük - 18 km, Torba - 18 km, Bodrum - 25 km.

Nidapark Göcek Project

We offer you a unique experience in Göcek, one of the fairy tale-like locations you can think of when you think of the Aegean coast, with a detached villa concept and a private pool for each villa.

With our Nidapark Göcek project, which is the Göcek's first branded luxury residence project, you can lead a calm and pleasant life and open the doors of a comfortable and enjoyable life with our project consisting of 32 different villas with 3+1 and 4+1 options.

Our project, which has been realized by preserving the historical and natural texture of Göcek, opens the doors of a fairy tale you can experience in every season with its fireplace interior towels and floor heating system. Nidapark Göcek, which provides easy access to the deep blue bays, social areas in the city center, the airport and the surrounding districts due to its location, is 1 minute to Muğla Fethiye Ring Road, 5 minutes to Göcek bazaars and marinas, 17 minutes away from Dalaman airport and 23 minutes away from Fethiye city center.

Nidapark Çengelköy Project

In Çengelköy, one of the historical districts of Istanbul, the Nidapark Çengelköy Project, where you will be in nature and feel in the past, opens the doors of a comfortable and enjoyable life for you. This project, which will make your life easier with different apartment options consisting of 2+1, 3+1, 3.5+1, 4+1, 4,5+1 and 5.5+1 duplexes, includes an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, large and featured children's playgrounds, a cafe, It allows you to use every moment of your day in the most effective way without leaving your home, with its social facilities such as sports complex. Nidapark Çengelköy, which allows you to enjoy nature with its ornamental pools, waterfalls and walking paths in the green, and to breathe without leaving your living space, also welcomes the Bosphorus view to your homes. It also offers the opportunity to enjoy Istanbul with your loved ones in every season with its viewing and sunbathing terraces.

Nidapark Çengelköy Project, which consists of 12 blocks and 207 flats with its low-rise and horizontal architecture designed in accordance with the texture of Çengelköy, is approximately 2 km from the beach. It also draws attention with its distance. With Tahincioğlu quality; The project, which offers an intimate living space by preserving the cultural texture unique to Çengelköy; It also allows you to experience the neighborhood culture, which is missed in terms of both its architecture and location, with its wide, balcony, garden and roof terrace apartments, in the history, with its unique view of green.

Nidapark İstinye Project

Standing out with its magnificent sea view and architectural features in İstinye, one of the oldest and most prestigious districts of Istanbul, the Nidapark İstinye project reveals how big a place a house can occupy in a person's life, with its quality of life designed with fine tastes. Nidapark İstinye; It consists of Panorama, Valley and Koru stages. The project, which has its own social facility at each stage; It offers different living alternatives to homeowners with garden floors, mezzanine floors and units in the attic.

Nidapark Küçükyalı Project

Located in Küçükyalı, one of the most popular locations on the Anatolian side, with a view of the Islands, Nidapark Küçükyalı consists of commercial-residence areas, school, square, municipality, service and park areas with flat type options from 1+1 to 4+1. Nidapark Küçükyalı, the first mixed-use project of the Anatolian side, also includes multi-functional residences suitable for the new normal. Located right next to the metro stop, the project includes the 350m long shopping street “Palladium Cadde Küçükyalı. Well-known brands, popular restaurants and cafes, and entertaining playgrounds will take place in Palladium Cadde Küçükyalı.

We are waiting for you in Tahincioğlu's projects to have your dream residence or office with the most suitable payment model.